Performance and Quality


  2015 Rhino Cutaway line Chuck Patterson Thresher
   Garrett Spencer

Surfer: Garrett Spencer
Camera: Mary Spencer
Music: Sylvan Esso - Coffee

New multi colored flex fins and shortboard fins
SpeedWing tri set
  Reilly Stone

  Garrett Spencer

Fisher Baxter on the podium with the win at the Cold Water Classic 2013
Fisher Baxter having an awesome year

  Rachel PrestiJazmine Dean hitting it

Surf Expo 2013

       Rider:  Victor Sellinger                        photo credit: Loyd Surfboards

     Rider:  Santiago Hart    
Rider: Felix Alfaro                                       Rider: Dave Broome


The Rainbow Fin Company "Stained Glass" line was created to offer surfers a functional yet colorful option to our standard offering of high performance fins. Since every fin is hand built one at a time, each fin offers completely unique properties that can never be duplicated, making each fin a work of art.

Although each fin is worthy of being hung on a wall, they are also used as functional surf fins on your board. Our "Stained Glass" fins are available in any of our high performance fin shapes, and can be used safely on your board to enhance both the performance in the water and the overall look of your board on land.

RFC has been a leader with innovative designs using the latest technology and hand crafted perfection for over forty years. Our industry leading fins have incorporated materials like G-10 Epoxy, RTM, fabric pattern inlays, multi colored layers of glass, Lava Rock, carbon fiber, bamboo and Volan cloth just to name a few. During our R&D process we discovered the break through "Stained Glass" look, and after substantial development we were able build artful fins inspired by the rising sun, banner fish, sand dollars and ocean waves.

 Each fin is a unique creation and available on a first come basis. For custom orders and specific artwork requests please contact us by email

Custom board by Peas Trading with Hodad Stained Glass 1 of a kind finGlen DeWitt - surf contest at Pleasure Point late 70's

Custom shortboard fins

 Chuck Patterson signature fins in Stained glass 1 of a kind

USA Made ProCore by RFC

Fish Classic Wood Glass on                  Quad Heater
         Stained Glass fins

      Trade Show fin with the RDI crew                    Another weekend at Capitola Beach, CA

The old School and the New School in surfboard fins

                                                                                 Sonny Peck - Santa Cruz, CA

                           Doug Haut        &    Glen DeWitt -  Fishing off the coast of Santa Cruz, Ca
Pool side in Vegas
Chris Beaulac - Surf Expo showing off the Stained Glass 1 of a kind fins
Sarah Broome - Tahoe SUP race
Arlene Gnade with the new shop puppy - Bear          Dozer getting a ride at the harbor

                                               Glen Dewitt and Sarah Broome at Sacred Craft (BoardRoom)
some original stained glass
Lisa from Robert August always with a smile     Mission Beach San Diego 
  Chuck Patterson Thresher 9"