Reilly Stone Flex
A full base with classic rake combined with a flexy tip performs well in power turns.

Size: 10.0

Michel Junod Flex
The wide base gives excellent drive out of bottoms turns, while the narrow flex tip is loose and responsive off the top.

size: 9", 8", 7"

Rusty Preisendorfer
Rusty designed this series of performance flex fins that focus on optimal flex and plenty of solid.  Use this fin on your 2+1 longboard or a single fin

size: 9", 8", 7", 6.25", 5.5"


Garrett Spencer Flex

Full base with a narrow tip that is more "straight up" than other flex fins.

size: 9.5", 9", 8"

Mini Flex

for your 2+1 board for responsive turns.

Size: 6.0  5.0

Mikey Detemple MD3
  A must have for your longboard.  Nice wide base for hold with a flexy tip to provide that snap on the turns.
size: 10", 9", 8", 7"

*shown in multi color

Originally designed as a single fin for small spoon boards in the 70's.  With the advent of the tri fin longboard, the smaller versions were introduced to add extra snap on turns.  One of our favorites

size: 9.5", 8.5", 7.5", 6.5"

Marc Andreini Flex
aka: AFlex
This sweet flex fin can be used as a single fin for a 2+1 set up.  Great flex

size: 9.75", 9.25", 8.75", 8.25", 7.75"

* available only in clear


Full based old school template with snappy flex tip

size: 10", 9.75"