Gerry Lopez

Designed by famed surfer/traveler Gerry Lopez. This upright slightly retro design is quick turning and reliable on a wide variety of boards.
Size: 8.5”, 7.75”, 7.25”

Garrett Spencer Flex
Full base with a narrow tip that is more "straight up" than other flex fins.
size: 9.5", 9", 8"

One of the favorites! The sweep gives you super smooth easy turning fin with just enough base area for that hold

Size: 9.5”, 8.75”

This is one of our favorite fins that combines a rake and pivot design.  The Nomad powers on cutbacks, smooth turns and down the line surfing.
Size: 10.25”

Justin Quintal Noserider

Super fun log fin with added sweep that helps you turn your classic log board with confidence. You can noserider with authority

Size: 10.0

Dano Old Pleasure
     A classic pivot template for added hold, easy turns while still being a great noserider.  Simply, an Old Pleasure.
size: 10"

Michel Junod Flex
The wide base gives excellent drive out of bottoms turns, while the narrow flex tip is loose and responsive off the top.
size: 9", 8", 7"

Rainbow Rake
Designed for all sizes of boards.  Great, solid, all-around fin.  Larger sizes for single fin boards, while the smaller are good for 2+1’s.
Sizes: 9”, 8”, 7”, 6”, 5”


Mikey Detemple

  This fin has a very snappy, quick and tight turning radius.  This fin has great rail to rail response when riding the nose.
Size: 10.0

Pivot Original
A progressive performance fin with a classic feel.  It’s fast turning with lots of hold for noseriding.  Loosest of the pivot line due to its size.
Size: 9.5”

Robert August
A full classic raked template for added hold and power turns.

Size: 9.5”

The Azul template has more area and a little more rake than the Rainbow Rake.  Perfect for modern single fin longboards or your performance 2+1. Can be used as your short single fin longboards
Sizes: 10”, 9”, 8”, 7.5”, 7”, 6.5”, 6”

Marc Andrieni Flex
aka: AFlex
This sweet flex fin can be used as a single fin or a 2+1 set up.  Great flex
size: 9.75", 9.25", 8.75", 8.25", 7.75"

Reilly Stone Pivot

This modernized performance noserider is a fun, snappy turning fin for its size.

Size: 10.25

Dano Noseglider
     The name says it all...... Noseglider = classic longboard with nose time.
Size: 10"

     Reynolds Yater template can be used on your modern, classic or your retro single fin board.
Wood construction only.
Size: 10" 9" 8"

This straight up vintage style fin is perfect for your old school longboard or collectable.  Step back and turn, than get to the nose.
Size: 8.5”

Wingnut Cutaway
     I wanted to increase the drive from the Cutaway Fin Series….I still love the looseness from the “negative space” below the tip but wanted more drive in my turns….the answer was increasing the base...
 Can be used as a single fin or 2+1
Size: 10", 9", 8", 7"


Wingnut Longrake

   The updated LongRake has more base for increased drive, more vertical  and thinner tip making it more responsive.

Size: 10", 9", 8"

Dog House
A fun full based rake fin for cruising down the line or carving up your favorite spot with Dog House style.

Size: 9.75”, 9.25”, 8.75”

Mini Flex

Use on your 2+1 board for responsive turns. This fin is a small area fin.

Size: 6.0  5.0

Robert August
A full classic raked template for added hold and power turns. Can be used as a 2+1

Size: 7.5”

Mikey Detemple MD3
  A must have for your longboard.  Nice wide base for hold with a flexy tip to provide that snap on the turns.
size: 10", 9", 8", 7"

Doug Haut

Doug Haut designed this fin for its ease in turning and trimming.  Works well in all size surf.

Size: 9.75

Reilly Stone Flex

A full base with classic rake combined with a flexy tip performs well on power turns.

Size: 10.0

Garrett Spencer Pivot

This fin offers great hold on nose rides and snaps through turns.  Combines classic elements of traditional pivot fins with more progressive flex fins

Size: 9.75

El Gato
This vintage style single fin was made famous by Miki Dora at Malibu in the 60's.  Making this fin a must have for noserides and traditional longboards.
Size: 9.5”

Pivot 10.0

The Pivot line needed this size. This size adds tip time while allowing for fast pivot turns.

Size: 10.0

Originally designed as a single fin for small spoon boards in the 70's.  With the advent of the tri fin longboard, the smaller versions were introduced to add extra snap on turns.  One of our favorites
size: 9.5", 8.5", 7.5", 6.5"


Rusty Preisendorfer
Rusty designed this series of performance flex fins that focus on optimal flex and plenty of solid hold.  Use this fin on your 2+1 longboard or a single fin
size: 9", 8", 7", 6.25", 5.5"


  Center fin for your bonzer

size: 7" 6.5

* shown in bamboo

Garrett Spencer Noserider
Full base with classic rake. This fin is designed to hold while providing long noserides and smooth classic trimming.
Size: 9.5”

Pivot Grande

The largest of the Pivot line for getting more noserides and tip time.  The rake helps you turn your board from the tail.
Wood construction only.
Size: 10.75”


use this fin as sidebites or a trailer for your surfboard or kayak.

Size: 5.0 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5

Michel Junod #17

A pivot style fins for quick turns and cutbacks, but also has plenty of hold for noseriding.  This is Junod’s most popular pivot fin.

Size: 10"