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Shortboard fins

Rainbow SPEEDWINGS -  the concept is simple and proven to work.  Another breakthrough from Rainbow Fins. 
When the water flows past a fin, lift (energy) is created.  Because your fin is in a dimensional environment (water) it loses lift to "tip vortex".  Tip vortex is when the water curls around and off the tip of your fin.   This creates drag which slows you down.  The SPEEDWING solves or reduces this problem by redirecting the "tip vortex" away from the fin.  This means more speed which equals more maneuverability which in turns equals more FUN !
available in plastic or NOW PROCORE
size: 4.6" front fins with a 4.4" rear fin
Don't let the size scare you.  This set up is designed for every surfer that wants to get more out of their surfing.  You can also use the front winged fins for your quad set up.

The Quad White Crow 
USA Made Procore fins with Carbon in Future Base

  • Front Fins: 4.5"
  • Rear Fins: 3.7"
  • Depth:
  • Front Fins: 4.5"
  • Rear Fins: 4.5"
  • 140-180 lbs

    Future base

    Quad Heater
    Medium - Large
       while smaller then the Quad White Crow template this quad is still a larger quad for your fast moving maneuvers

    Base: 4.8  3.8
    Depth: 4.75  4.5

    Future and FCS
    R5 4.5"
        The perfect all around fin

    base 4.25
    Future and FCS

    Rusty 4.8
    with a 4.6 center fin
    Future and FCS

    Fish CI
        the larger of the fish line

    depth 5.25 x base 6.75
    Future and FCS 
    shown in Bamboo

        give your board that drive, speed and quick turning action with the Speedwings.
    depth 4.65   base 4.5

    Future and FCS
     molded twin set

    The Canard Quad
       also known as the Speed dialer
    Base: 4.5"   3.5"
    depth: 4.5"   4.75"

    Future and FCS

    Quad RS1

    Base: 4.3  3.75
    Depth: 4.5  3.75

    Future and FCS

    REA 4.6"
       nice full tip allows for that extra hold you are looking for.

    base: 4.5
    Future and FCS

    Rusty 4.6
    with a 4.5 center fin
    Future and FCS

    Fish Rocket
       The favorite among your surfing friends for their fish board.
    depth 4.75 x base 7

    Future and FCS
    shown in solid fiberglass

    RS2 3.75"
        side bites

    Future and FCS

    Quad R5

    R5 4.5 x 4.25 (front fins)

    R8 4.25 x 4.0 (rear fins)

    Future and FCS

    Quad AK4

    Base: 4.62  4.25
    Depth 4.5  3.75

    Future and FCS

    R4 4.25"  Fisher model
       for that smaller board or grom. 

    base: 4.25

    Future and FCS

    Rusty Rear Quad
    4.25 and 4.0 sets
    Future and FCS

    RSC 5.5"
        a large twin fin

    base 5.5

    shown in solid fiberglass
    Future and FCS

    The 5th Finner
         name says it all...... put it in and go surf

    depth 2.0  base 4.25

    Future and FCS
    Quad R1
    Having a little more area then the Quad R5 give this quad a little more hold and drive.

    Base: 4.5"   4.2"
    Depth: 4.5"   4.1"
    Future and FCS

    RTI 4.5"

       This is a fast turning fin with tons of power.

    base: 4.3
    Future and FCS

    CIS 4.5"
      the smaller of the Channel Island's template

    base: 4.3
    Future and FCS

    CIM 4.75"
       the larger Channel Island's template for more hold or larger board.

    base: 4.7
    Future and FCS

    RBT 5.5"
         less area then the RSC 5.5" twin
    base: 4.75

    Future and FCS

    shown in bamboo
    *** NEW FOR 2013       USA MADE PROCORE FINS
          Rainbow Fins is making ProCore fins in the USA

        Here is a teaser...................  Ask for them at your surf shop


    With Santiago Hart

    Fancy Footwork
    Copyright: Kevin O'Grady Photography
    — with Garrett Spencer

    Solid lane ...10 years old ... yeeew ! — with Santiago Hart

    A big green wall ... and a ton of sections ahead ! Yeeeww ;) — with Rainbow Fins and Vicki Menna

    ...hucking ! Stoked new team mate of Rainbow Fins ! Sharp Eye - Game Changer Rachel Presti  Fisher Baxter
                        Glen De Witt - owner

      Rachel Presti
                                               Mikey Detemple  - team rider